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Embryos Available

We are proud to offer Embryos out of a few of our mares each year. If you have interest in an Embryo out of one of our mares, send me a text to discuss if she is available for an outside flush. 269-823-8816.

** We are offering limited embryos in 2022 **

Most of our Embryo flushes will be done in house by us.

Some of our Embryo flushes will be done at Bronson Veterinary Services in Coldwater, Michigan. We trust and use Dr. Joanna Bronson for all of our Reproduction needs. We have had great success using her!


We are excited to be able to offer Embryo Transfer to the public starting in 2021 ! 

We feel we have very affordable rates so that anyone can do an Embryo Transfer if they choose to do so.

Let us know if we can help you in 2022

Check out our Mare Page to

view all of our mares!


Bronson Veterinary Services not only offers Embryo Flushes and Transfers, but they are also offering Oocyte Aspiration for the ICSI procedure. 

Here are the Links to their contracts;


Let us be a part of creating your next Winner!

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