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Defying The Odds (Daisy)

Born January 5th, 2018

California Cash 37 x Be Fast Baby by Heza Fast Man

Sorrel Filly


Double Shot O Gold37 (Lucifer)

Born January 18th, 2018

La Jollas Gold x Got A Gold Trinket by Apollo

Palomino Colt

** $6,500 **

Name Pending (Sassy)

Born February 5th, 2018

Big Time Tonight x Perks N Candy by Dash For Perks

Sorrel Filly


Blazen Moon Bug (Buster)

Born February 6th, 2018

Jerrys Disco Moon x Blazen Culture by Blazen Bryan

Sorrel Colt


French Socks R Fly (Chewy)

Born March 10, 2018

BHR Frenchies Socks x Lookin Fly by Look Forward

Gray Colt

SOLD to Bert Thompson

Epic Eye Opener (Flash)

Born March 16, 2018

Epic Leader x Lady Katherine Mary by Mr Eye Opener

Gray Colt - Homozygous Gray and W20 Carrier

 SOLD to Heath Boucher

Kashin In On Fame (Fiona)

Born March 30, 2018

Streaking Ta Fame x Kash In The Breeze by Kelowna Kash

Brown Filly



Born April 2, 2018

With Intent (ApHC) x MZ Maditude by City Weekend

Bay Filly



Born April 3, 2018

California Cash 37 x Blonde N Beautiful by Paddys Irish Whiskey

Bay Colt

Owned by Western 37 Horses


Born April 13, 2018

With Intent (ApHC) x Dee First Dancer by Deefirst

Bay Colt


Name Pending (Fancy)

Born April 20, 2018

California Cash 37 x Guys Streakin Sabino by Frenchmans Guy

Bay Filly



Name Pending (Rocky)

Born May 4, 2018

California Cash 37 x Skippin Dollars by De Dollar

Black Colt (nd1 carrier)



Small But Mighty (Mya)

Born May 5, 2018

Jettastic x Hollywood Sugar Lynx by Hollywood Vintage

Black Filly

** Keeper **


Moontastic Disco 37 (Ariel)

Born May 8, 2018

Jettastic x Disco Donna 37 by Jerrys Disco Moon

Black homozygous Filly

 SOLD to Bert Thompson


Name Pending (Felicity)

Born May 9, 2018

California Cash 37 x HQH Cinch by Twaynas Dash

Bay Filly

Owned by Rass Pederson 

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