Mare Management

We offer On Site mare management.  

We offer foaling services, all mares close to foaling are under 24 hour cameras so we can keep a close eye on them. 

We offer mare management for outside mares as well, not just mares being bred to our stallions, as space allows for this. 

We do have a small recip herd and can manage mares for Embryo Transfers. 

Click here to view our Mare Management agreement and prices. 


We offer a few different options for Boarding; (Click on Bold word Boarding to go to our Boarding page)

Group Pasture Boarding - $200/month. Includes quality alfalfa round bales 24/7, Lean To, use of Indoor & Outdoor Arenas, and the Hot & Cold Water wash bay.

Private Lot Boarding - $250/month. Includes quality alfalfa hay, round or square bales, Lean To, use of Indoor & Outdoor Arenas, and the Hot & Cold Water wash bay. Grain is an option with private lot board for an additional cost. If you have a second or third horse they can join in same lot for $200/month. No more than 3 horses per lot. We will grain your horse at no additional cost if you supply the grain.


Stall Board - Limited space available - $450/month. Includes quality alfalfa hay fed twice daily. Fed grain (Sweet feed mix from local mill) twice daily. Stall cleaned daily, at least six days a week. Use of Indoor & Outdoor Arenas, and the Hot & Cold Water wash bay. Turn out time is available as well. (This is a breeding facility so your stall may change as space is needed in different area of barn).


We offer barrel training. 

Your horse, if it didn't already have a good handle on it, we will put a good handle on it, broke at the poll, broke in the ribs, good collection, move off of leg pressure. We like our barrel horses handy broke and easy to ride, so anyone can jump on one of our horses and make a run without struggling. 

Minimum of 30 days if already has 30-90 days training and is broke like mentioned above.

Minimum of 60 days if has 30 days or less riding on it.

We require a minimum as we know each horse is different and some will take longer than others, and we want everyone to be happy with what they have after a training session with us.

30 days $650

60 days $600/month

All payments due at beginning of month.

All horses are rode a MINIMUM of 5 days a week!

30 days = 30 riding days - NOT 30 days of being here.

Have a bucker?  And need someone to buck it out? We offer that as well. $30/day while bucking!

We will video this horse everyday so you can see how it progresses. 

We do NOT take in any problem horses! Not that we aren't capable, we just have a lot going on here and like stated above we want to guarantee you LOVE your horse when it leaves here! 

Starting in 2020 we will offer a limited number of embryos out of some of our mares. We are offering these at very affordable rates so everybody can afford a nice foal out of a very well bred and/or proven mare. 

Prices start at $1,500 and if using one of our stallions we give a 50% discount on the Stud Fee as we believe in our mares and our stallions!


Contact us to see what mares we will be offering embryos out of each year.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering Embryo Transfers to clients in 2021. We feel our rates are affordable so that anyone can do an Embryo Transfer if they choose! More info and a link to our Embryo Transfer contract can be found on our Embryo page. (Clicking on Embryos above)