Foals In Utero

If interested in purchasing any Foals IN UTERO, please contact us on here, or text Becky at 269-823-8816. 

Foals in utero are insurable at 45 days and we do not offer them for sale until then. Be sure to check out the Mares page by clicking on her photo to see her record and/or what she has produced. 

We decide our planned breeding's each year, by conformation, mind, ability, and pedigree to create the best cross possible for ourselves or clients/buyers.


We want to see our foals succeed, so we do the best we can, to create the best we can!

And don't forget, all foals that are bred by us are eligible for our RTB Breeders Incentive, which you can read about by clicking on "RTB Breeders Incentive" above in header.

Thank you for considering a RTB bred foal. We look forward to the Future of Raising The Bar!

California Cash 37 x LK Shezapeasadinero

Due March 1, 2020 in recip

Jettastic x Got A Gold Trinket

Due April 10, 2020

Eddie Stinson x Got A Gold Trinket

Due March 19, 2020

in recip

Colonel Frenchman x MZ Maditude

Due April 3, 2020         $5,000

California Cash 37 x LK Shezapeasadinero

Due April 8, 2020


Flingin Cash 37 x Guys Streakin Sabino

Due April 28, 2020 in recip

Owned by Western 37 Horses

Firewater Fast x The Millennium Star

(Dam of "Arson" Dash Ta Diamonds)

Due April 26, 2020

(pictured above is Dash Ta Diamonds)

$17,000 In Utero


California Cash 37 x Disco Money Moon 37

Due May 22, 2020




Colonel Frenchman x Disco Donna 37

Due February 20, 2020    $5,000


Jettastic x Dashmania

Due April 3, 2020     $5,000


Mr Cinnamon Roll x Shezafastdashacorona

Due March 25, 2020

Jettastic x Shirylse Bug Has Gas

Due April 22, 2020


Colonel Frenchman x Yeah Shes Firen

(Full sister to "Duke" Yeah Hes Firen)

Due April 23, 2020

(Duke and Brittany Pozzi pictured as well)

$7,500 In Utero



California Cash 37 x Larks Anticipation

Due April 17, 2020      $4,000




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