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Horses we have SOLD

High Rollin Beach

Sold to Lisa Hoke in MI

Kids Special Leader

Sold to Tiffany Shoaf in IN

Hollywood Sugar Lynx

Sold to Mikayleigh Hitchings in MI

Silky Lite

Sold to Joleen Hales in OK

Famous Streakette

Sold to Chad Walker in PA

Kool Monica

Sold to Heather Lee in GA


Sold to Ciro Aguilar & Family in IN

Playboys Bling

Sold to Shannon-Craig McCartney in TX

Honor The Bunny

Sold to Hope Hulsebos in MI


Sold to Erin Davis in MO

Heza Dasha Firewater

Sold to Dawn Shirey & Clea Remington in OH

Secret Weapon

Sold to Amanda Sellers in TX

Eyesa Boomer Sooner

Sold to Hailey Anderson in WI

Lindas Jet

Sold to Buck Bays in IN

DK Bugs Last Dash

Sold to Chad Walker in PA

Jets Quick Fortune

Sold to Renee Spiller in TX

Indy Charger x Dee First Dancer

Bugatti Special x Hollywoods Hot Jose

Sold to Bobbi Hinkley in MI

Streakin In The Ocean

Sold to Joe Alvarez in TX

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